Bilton Grange School for 8-13 Year

Bilton Grange is a magical place: a place of learning, a source of lifelong memories and above all somewhere children want to be. Whether you are looking to board, or join us as a day pupil, our unique Pugin architecture, our hundred acres of woodland and open space and our facilities are the perfect theatre of dreams for children to be enthusiastic, energised and inquisitive learners, and in amongst all the fun and bustle of life in a rural prep school, serious work also gets done. We prepare our children gradually and carefully for each step along their learning journey which for nearly all of them will be the Common Entrance or Scholarship exams to public schools.


Bilton Grange Preparatory School,
CV22 6QU


Full, weekly and flexi boarding are all popular at Bilton Grange, and boarding life is fun, with children able to take their first steps towards independence in warm, homely boarding houses staffed by our amazing team of matrons and house mothers.

Weekend Activities

Weekends are particularly special at Bilton Grange, with exciting games and activities, delicious meals and treats, a Saturday evening film and a Sunday excursion. Whether this means completing a treasure hunt and braving the Pirate Ship at Drayton Manor or toasting marshmallows over an open fire and enjoying a trip to Warwick Castle, weekends are always action-packed and bursting with fun and laughter. Of course, our boarders are also given the chance to relax and unwind, perhaps attend a chapel service, make phone calls home and get themselves ready for the week ahead. Our aim is to make boarding weekends at Bilton Grange mirror everything our children would get if they were at home, plus that little bit more!


Bilton Grange sits within 90 acres of beautiful heritage parkland, woodland and gardens providing a wonderful, rural experience for our children.
The Sporting facilities include a 25m indoor swimming pool, 9 hole golf course, a new hockey pitch housed within Pugin walled garden, a Shooting range, extensive sports pitches for rugby, cricket and rounders and numerous netball courts. It also has a dedicated sports hall complete with squash courts, basketball and badminton courts and a trampoline.
Drama is well served thanks to thepurpose-built Ravenscroft theatre and academic facilities include dedicated Science labs, a fully-equipped Design Technology studio complete with 3D printer, milling machine and Roland vinyl cutter and Art studios which include a sculpture room and a kiln.

Values & Aims

  • To provide a truly outstanding educational experience for all our pupils whatever their abilities and aptitudes.
  • To nurture children, enabling them to develop to their full potential and building a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge.
  • To prepare our pupils for the life that lies ahead – academically, emotionally, morally and spiritually.
  • To foster in all our pupils a confidence without arrogance and a respect for all those around them.
  • To be a school community that is open, happy and friendly, welcoming all and judging none.
  • To give pupils the opportunity to make a positive and meaningful contribution to the life of the school and the wider world.
  • To provide a safe, friendly and fun boarding environment in which children can develop their independence and social confidence.
  • In the idyllic setting of Bilton Grange, to encourage a love of nature and a respect for the environment.
  • and to create happy memories of school days with friends for life.
At a Glance
Location: Rugby city centre
Bedrooms: Single and twin bedrooms
Bathrooms: Shared
Internet: Wi-Fi available throughout the college and private computer rooms
Student ages: 8-13
Courses since: 2010