Clifton College for 13-18 Year

Clifton is a school that encourages a lust for life and all that it offers. It is housed in some splendid grand buildings but everything about the education it offers is modern. Described as ‘the handsomest suburb in Europe’ Clifton benefits from the fizz and buzz of being in the vibrant city of Bristol and is surrounded by some spectacular countryside too. It is an ideal place for young people to study. It is co-educational throughout and welcome pupils from all over the world. It offers day, flexi and full boarding places. It offers the finest all-round education based on the highest academic standards. Nearly all of its leavers go on to the best universities in the UK.


Guthrie Road


Although every pupil has different abilities, talents and levels of confidence, we ask each individual to aspire to the highest standards to which he or she is capable. While we strongly believe a first-rate education is not something which can be measured in league tables alone, we do place a strong emphasis on academic standards. It is these rigorous standards that enable our pupils to go on to pursue the future they choose, whether that will be attending Oxbridge or a Russell Group university or diving straight into the world of industry or commerce. Teaching standards and facilities are as high as you would expect from a leading independent school. What distinguishes Clifton College, however, is our belief in our pupils.

Outside the Classroom

Parents who choose Clifton College for their children can feel safe in the knowledge that their child will be nurtured outside the classroom as much as they will be inside the classroom. Through the excellent co-curricular programme, we will help your child fulfil their potential and become an interesting and interested adult.


Situated within the attractive and historic grounds of Clifton College are the modern facilities of the Clifton College Sports Centre. Containing the latest range of sport and fitness equipment, we are able to offer our members the best possible facility at the best possible price.

A Clifton College Sports Centre membership is open to the general public, with facilities open around the school usage, most notably during early mornings, evenings and weekends in term time, with considerable extended hours through the school holidays.

Membership includes use of the Fitness Room, Swimming Pool, Tennis, Squash and Badminton courts.

We also run a selection of Fitness Classes available to members and non-members, and offer 1-2-1 Personal Training at reasonable rates.

Values & Aims

Intellectually agile
They are bright, able, good at thinking on their feet, juggling ideas and their own workload.

Socially confident
They include everyone and can communicate effectively in any environment.

Leaders and team players
When appropriate, they will take responsibility of leading or being part of a team and will interact effectively with team members to make a positive contribution.

Adventurous and free-spirited
They embrace differences, ideas, change, freedom and encourage discovery, bravery and challenge.

They are honest, kind, modest, well-mannered and act with integrity at all times.

At a Glance
Location: Bristol
Bedrooms: Single and twin bedrooms
Bathrooms: Shared
Internet: Wi-Fi available throughout the college and private computer rooms
Student ages: 13-18
Courses since: 2010